It never rains, it blows…

OK, so that’s not always strictly true, but today it is.

Flying from Manchester to London this morning was a bit of a rollercoaster, but at least I arrived. Turning up for the return flight this afternoon at about 3pm, I thought I might see if I could get on an earlier flight which I saw was delayed…

Unfortunately, the reason it was delayed was because no-one was going to fly on it! In fact, all domestic flights out of Heathrow were cancelled…

70 to 90 MPH winds have caused a few problems today it seams. Trees have been blown on to tracks, making train travel a little tricky.

So I’ve made my way on the half-speed Heathrow Express towards the quarter-speed Gatwick Express, and en-route, I rang my Travel Agent and got a ticket on the 17:45 flight.

Well, arriving at Gatwick at about 16:30, I noticed that the earlier flight hadn’t gone… so I went to the ticket desk, said hello very nicely, and the agent made a quick call containing the words “Mr Schofs Gold Card Business ticket please re-open this flight” and hey presto… I’m on the earlier flight!

…brandishing a boarding pass for 21B! I didn’t realise it went back that far – maybe it’s the toilet!

Ah well, at least I *might* be on my way now… I’m recovering in the First lounge with a glass of champagne and a bacon roll.


Well… I made it to Manchester Airport – a very bumpy ride… but I made it!

The feeling of elation was slightly dampened when I realised:

1) The queue for taxis was about 2 hours long
2) All trains into the centre today had been cancelled

I was told there may be a train at 8:25pm…. and luckily, there was – I’m on it now 🙂

So, assuming I can get a taxi from Manchester Piccadilly to the Hilton Deansgate, I can finally relax! And to think… I should have been sat in my hotel room in front of the telly 4 hours ago!!