No, Mr Schofs, You First

Back in July of last year, British Airways introduced a new service called You First. This was basically a team dedicated to assisting BA First Class passengers, rather than the usual hassels we all know and hate when we need to make urgent changes etc. to our flights.

Another gimmick basically. What more was this likely to be, other than another phone line that just goes straight through to exactly the same call centres, with the same staff who don’t really care and will help you as/when it suits them.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried the You First team over both phone and email, and I’m astounded. They really are very very good. Emails are responded to quickly (as opposed to the normal; never). Phones are answered with little delay, even over the last few days when there’s been mayhem with everyone’s flights being cancelled due to snow. And more to the point, when I actually got through to them… they could help!

They know their stuff, and they’re efficient. If you’re booked in First Class (paid or miles redemption) and you’ve got a problem to sort – sod your BA Gold or Silver line… get on the phone to You First.