Cupping the big balls Aug15


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Cupping the big balls

If you were to glance back at every single one of my obsessive posts to date on here, you’d see that roughly 100% were about running. To some, that would suggest I’m pretty obsessed with running and parkrun… but I have another love. And if forced to choose between the two, I’d give up running tomorrow.

The mistress that owns me is, of course, Softball. Why am I only mentioning this now? Well to be honest I didn’t think I was that obsessed until last night when we played the last game of the season, and I looked back at all the photos from the last 4 months of games… and wanted to play them all again. As soon as possible please.

I played my first ever game 4 years ago, and I was crap, but I played the season. I wasn’t that into it, but somehow we went from about the worst team in the division to nearly winning in the Finals.

I then played the season 3 years ago. Turns out I was still pretty crap. I couldn’t catch, which is a bit of a handicap when playing.

And 2 years ago? I decided to give up. But then I discovered I could hit the ball. Pretty hard actually. I still couldn’t catch though. So I’d found my place in the team. Extra Hitter. For the entire game. For 7 innings I was allowed to bat and only bat.

Then last year, I bought my own glove… and suddenly I could catch. I actually became alright on 1st base, and I was allowed to play with the others! This is when I really got into Softball.

And this season just finished? The best yet. I got to captain a team and play short stop (following a few Fish & Chip lunch training sessions). We’ve had a great team and got to the Semi Finals of the 2nd Division… amazing considering this was the first time half of the team had ever played Softball.

And so now the countdown begins to my next game. 8 months and counting… I genuinely can’t wait.

2009 when we all looked 12 years old

2009 when we all looked 12 years old