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It’s all a bit quiet…

>…but don’t worry – I’ve got a few trips planned before the end of the year…

August – Flying in BA FIRST to LA with a mate, hiring a fast convertible, driving across the desert to Vegas, winning loads (that’s the plan anyway) over the 3 nights we’re there, hopefully nipping to the Grand Canyon, then driving back to LA and flying back to London in BA New Club World

September – Flying in BA FIRST with my wife to Tokyo, staying there for 3 or so nights, then flying to Bora Bora (via Tahiti) on Air Tahiti Nui in Business Class, staying in an over-water bungalow for a week, then flying back to Tokyo for a few days (again on Air Tahiti Nui Business) and then back to London in BA FIRST. Can’t wait!! Read about the planning fun here.

October – Flying to Verona, Italy in BA Club Europe on a Saturday morning with my wife, enjoying the weekend there, haven’t planned what we’re doing yet, and then flying back again on Sunday late evening. Using up a Gold Upgrade For 2 voucher that would otherwise expire.

So… all I have to do now is count down the 66 days til Vegas! 🙂